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Sustainability programmes

In order to help student accommodations reach their full potenial, our team develops bespoke strategies that integrate seamlessly into the fabric of student life, helping students develop more sustainable and less energy intensive lifestyles. We appreciate students’ comfort, well-being and development is pivotal in contemporary student residences, therefore we apply a student centric approach supported by user centred design and behavioural science.

Architectural consulting

In-use sustainability level of student accommodations is heavily influenced by resident use. It is cardinal therefore to consider user behaviour in every stage of a new development or retrofit project. Our team will assist you in making the right design decisions that enable and support students in using the residences in a truly sustainable way. With our assistance projects avoid the proven and common risk of losing all expected gains sustainable buildings may offer.

Design consultancy

Our Team offers interior design consultancy for student accommodations at every scale and at every stage, starting from new developments to minor and major refurbishments. Our unique expertise of designing for sustainable lifestyle results in spaces and design elements that are attractive for students, respond to complex student needs, and help students interact with the building and with its appliances easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

Evaluations and assessments

Evaluating the in-use performance of student residences is paramount in gaining clear visibility on how the building performs in terms of student satisfaction, energy usage, water usage and waste management. In addition to Post Occupancy Evaluations and Building Performance Evaluations, we also asses how students use the accommodations. Data from these evaluations can also be used as starting point for designing behaviour intervention strategies.

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